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Pop-Up Drive-In Announced on the Westside

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Combine good sound, bright picture with a great snack bar, and a nice family-friendly environment and you will get the Westside Pop-Up Drive-in. Held on July 11, at 7:00 p.m. community leader Rolanda Powell partners with city Councilman Dustin Hillis, Center Hill Neighborhood Association, Killer Mike’s Bankhead Seafood, and Salem Bible Church to pull off the west side's biggest event of the summer.

You may remember this time last year when Rolanda Powell, a Marketing Manager at Georgia Tech, threw the first-ever Bankhead “Movies in the Park” in Center Hill Park. The event was held to publicly announce the launch of a grassroots efforts to bring back the Bankhead Drive-In Theatre. Due to social distancing, Rolanda had to come up with an alternative way to showcase movies for this year’s event causing her to re-think the concept.

Fast forward a year later and the popularity of the drive-in theater has taken off again. Since the start of social distancing, it’s an excellent time for a drive-in theatre. This event is a family-friendly affair and it's a chance to safely interact in the community while social distancing. Over the past two years since moving in the area, Rolanda has seen great unity among the legacy and new residents.

"The residents in this community get along very well. We meet monthly virtually for our Neighborhood Association meetings and the Pop-Up Drive-in is an opportunity to gather in-person" says, Rolanda.

In the world of social distancing, it could be a perfect business opportunity too. The pop-up drive-in will allow Rolanda to carry-out her vision to re-imagine and redefine the drive-in theater and gain awareness with hopes of attracting investors.

Rather than playing movies in the park, Rolanda decided to move it to a parking lot where viewers can stay in their cars. The event will be held in a lit parking lot at Salem Bible Church and will accommodate only 60 to 75 cars. Parking spots will be limited so you must pre-register via Eventbrite in order to attend the event. Moving the movies to a paved parking lot will ultimately lead her one step closer to the drive-in vibe. As our physical spaces and services are evolving to meet the demand, the same can be done for moviegoers.

Vote For Movie

To ensure this event is welcomed in the community, Rolanda invites the community to help her decide on the movie by completing a short survey and the event is free. You can’t have movies without great food and as the new restaurant on the block, Bankhead Seafood, owned by Killer Mike was an obvious first choice. People are craving safe entertainment outside of their homes and the Westside Pop-up Drive-in will give them just that. The event will be held on July 11, 2020, location at Salem Bible Church and the movie will start at 7:00 p.m.

Help us pick a movie for July 11th Westside Pop-up Drive-in. Cast your vote for the featured movie by June 20th to complete the movie survey for a free ticket to the event.

You must complete a short survey to register to the event. Available parking spots are limited, register here.

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Leah LaRue, Assistant Director, Neighborhood Planning Units, City of Atlanta

Rolanda has done an amazing job of pulling together her neighbors to form CHNA, and they were directly involved in leading the efforts to bring pedestrian safety to Hollowell.


Alan Holmes, Senior Assistant to Council Member Dustin Hillis
Atlanta City Council, District 9

Rolanda has been a great leader and advocates on behalf of the Center Hill Neighborhood Association. I have worked with her on a few projects and always look forward to doing so because of her creativity, marketing skills, and passion for improving the community.


Najla Slowe, MBA

Working alongside Rolanda at Georgia Tech for nearly two years, I have watched her grow in her craft. She is a visionary and a catalyst in her community. She brings that same energy of wanting future growth and fostering creativity into her profession.